WGSF-48. An Uschi van der Rosten & Ronny Bar co-op

WGSF-48 Cover
WGSF-48 Cover
WGSF-48 instructions. Click to enlarge.
WGSF-48 instructions. Click to enlarge.

Colors recommended for basecoats



Recommended colours: Gunze Radome+white, Gunze/Tamiya flesh+white

Gunze´s "sail color" or Tamiya´s "deck tan" are suitable basecoat tones as well.


-Pre shading effects...

...will "telegraph" through the decal as can be seen on the picture below


Post shading effects

... can be achieved using the so-called clear acrylics, such as Gunze´s and Tamiya´s smoke, yellow and orange. Use smoke for general light adjustments and yellow/orange for "tinting" of the panel concerned. 

Please make yourself familiar with the effects by trying before in a testbed.


Oil colours...

are not mandatory as on the WGC/WGF series but still are an option. If you wish to darken your wood a little bit, you may apply a glaze of burnt sienna. If you go that way, Uschi recommends toapply these colors on a rather semi flat surface.

This is to be recommended in order to allow a good spread and texture. After the glaze we seal everything again by using gloss clear acrylic.

Rough mock up model used for tests
Rough mock up model used for tests

This is just a rough sample but it shows the effect pretty clearly. Note the center-highlighted panels. The adjoining panels next to the decal are preshaded using dark yellow base, black preshading, a blending mist of flesh, followed by a blending and center-highlighting with radome.

The decal is applyed directly on those prep-works and sealed with clear.

The piece used on that spot is the "pale" part of the 2-sheet set. Each set comes including a "pale" and a "rich" sheet for some additional options of variation.


Oil colours...

...now aint mandatory anymore, but still are an option. If you wish to darken your wood a little bit, just proceed based on the traditional way to render wood with an acrylic basecoat and a burnt sienna glaze.


Please feel free to have any questions by using the contact form.

Thanks for your interest and

HAVE FUN! :-))))


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Ouh, and please consider all the other opportunities for this product as well! Horten Ho-299? Does that ring a bell?

No? Ok, how about this one: IL-2 Sturmovik?

All right, one more..... ughm.....MiG-3.

What do they have in common?

They all are partially made of plywood. Just like the wings on this Me-163 Komet: