For those who want to paint the dock entirely by themselves. Check out HERE for more info.

A multimedia diorama kit with over 300 parts and 11 pages of fine cardboard print. Shipping by end of January as soon as U9 has surfaced in home waters. Let´s go and have a look!

Junkers Ju-EF-126 "Elli" / EF-127 "Walli"

The Ju EF-126 is about to be available by the 20th of May. We have a cool deal prepared for you. Check it out right here.

Ju EF-126

Sd.Ah.115 now available separately

The Sd.Ah.115 hasn´t only be used in combination with the Faun as a prime mover. Feel free to assign the vehicle of your choice for the towing job. We´re looking forward to see your combinations appearing in SM and on the shows. Enjoy! ;-)
We have prepared a special offer for you which can be found here.

FAUN L 900 plus Sd.Ah.115 10t low bed trailer bundle

Today, October 15th 2018, the production of our Faun L 900 and it´s trailer, the Sd.Ah. 115 has begun. The sprues are made as we speak. After we have inspected the decals and the brass rods, we will finish the manuals and then packaging might begin.
MSRP for DW35003 Truck and Trailer is € 69.00 EUR with a pre-order phase of one month, ending by November 16th 2018. Pre-order price is € 63.00 EUR.
Wood Grain decals will be available as a DAS WERK item as well, being priced at €12.99 EUR. A bundle price including the decals will be coming up soon. Stay tuned!

DAS WERK item DW35003 Faun L 900 plus Sd.Ah.115 (10t)
DAS WERK item DW35003 Faun L 900 plus Sd.Ah.115 (10t)

DW4801 and DW4802 Luftwaffe Jack Stand Set with Saw Horses

Scope of delivery:

STANDARD EDITION: 2 sprues for 2 large jacks, 2 small jacks, 2 saw horses
EXTENDED EDITION: 4 sprues for 4 large jacks, 4 small jacks, 4 saw horses

Available here.


The very first release of DW will be focusing on something which, for unknown reasons, until now has been totally ignored by the industry. Now a release of these jacks makes even more sense since the most recent aircraft kits are being more and more detailed including full engine compartments and more interior detail.

Also, there is a growing number of models being build, depicting the aircraft in an unpainted state which is pretty much an maintenance scenario already.


One of our jacks can be build in a couple of minutes. The saw horses just take some seconds.  In order to make them fit your project, the length of the threaded center pole of the jacks can be adjusted by cutting it to the desired length.

For further reference please visit the reference section.


The sprues

Designed by the very talented Pete Haman and injected by one of the leading in the industry, our jacks are very crispy molded. The plastic is easy to work with and combines stability with user friendliness. Its easy to sand and does respond very well to all glues including CA.

Photo Credit: James Hatch

The wooden support is a scratch built quick affair.
The wooden support is a scratch built quick affair.