DAS WERK is a co-operation between Uschi van der Rosten and MBK Distribution. DAS WERK will release own developments in plastic as well as bundles, combining great kits with the best accessories the aftermarket has on offer.

DW48001 Luftwaffe Jack Stand Set with Saw Horses

The very first release of DW will be focusing on something which, for unknown reasons, until now has been totally ignored by the industry. Now a release of these jacks makes even more sense since the most recent aircraft kits are being more and more detailed including full engine compartments and more interior detail.

Also, there is a growing number of models being build, depicting the aircraft in an unpainted state which is pretty much an maintenance scenario already.


One of our jacks can be build in a couple of minutes. The saw horses just take some seconds.  In order to make them fit your project, the length of the threaded center pole of the jacks can be adjusted by cutting it to the desired length.

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