What is this?
What you see here is a notification being sent to me by the state attorney´s office, residing in the City of Verden. I live in the derestriction of this particular office. It´s saying that a preliminary investigation against me has been discontinued.  A preliminary investigation is being conducted in order to determine as to whether or not the state prosecution would file an indictment which by then would lead to a trial.


The The initial suspicion was Usage of insignia of unconstitutional und terrorist organizations.

§ 86a Criminal Code


The office in Verden is specialized in offences stemming from “IuK Crime” which stands for crimes information- and communications technology environment.

Maniacs on the loose

Now…let me say this. First of all I can’t believe that someone literally too the time and effort to screenshot something and and that he fetched it to the PoPo like a good lil boi. That alone is insane already. Over a picture, mind you. Totally insane.

Apparently this guy was not the brightest candle in the chandelier either because he couldn’t be bothered to check if § 86a Criminal Code actually would apply to ANYTHING being shown on this website, BEFORE he went to the PoPo with his tail wagging.


However… this event made me thinking a little bit and I was wondering what else there might be out there. So let me explain myself real quick. Call it company values if you wish.

Visual appearance

You may wonder why this whole brand looks so “German”, right? Well because it´s a German brand after all, dealing with scale modeling of vehicles of all kinds, stemming from an era of conflict around almost the entire globe. Of course I am using contemporary design elements in my communication. But only that. You can dig as deep as you wish and you won’t find any use of a logo of a political organization. Let me tell you why.

The little girl and the name

There was a scale modeling show back in 2009 and I did some hairspray demos on the club table. I had a lil trolley with me and some bottles of hairspray were sticking out. A buddy said “Dude, you´re looking like a mobile hairdresser. Like Uschi the hairdresser.” Well, that stuck. I liked it because it´s funny. That´s how I got my “street name”.
One fine day I tried to find something on the internet and I came across a particular poster. It was an advertising for joining a particular youth movement. I was like “Wait a minute. That reminds me on something.”


See, I have been a member of a particular youth movement as well. It was a mandatory process. No questions being asked. It was in East Germany in the 1980s. Junge Pioniere, Thälmannpioniere and FDJ. The whole nine yards. We also had a shirt with some logos on and we a scarf around our necks. It was similar to boy scouts or pathfinders, but with a strong leaning towards communist ideology in the sense of Marx and Lenin. I think pretty much all countries of the Eastern Block had something like this going on.

They came for us, the lil kids and they tried to infuse their ideology into our minds. That´s why this poster with that girl got to me. She and I, we both were born in a totalitarian environment, albeit with a different branding. Both "brands" claimed they were merely operating “for the best of the people" and they would be opposing each other. If you dig deeper you discover that the dynamics of them both are "comparable" to say the least.

The jails of both “brands” were full to the brim with people they didn’t like. It surely wasn’t for the best of the people in jail, I´d suppose.  One of them brands even thought it might be a great idea to mass murder people with chemicals in camps. Yap… that´s what can happen in totalitarian power structures. People are ending up in jails or even get killed just because they belong to certain demographic.

I condemn any acts of violence against certain demographics and I do not share view points with anyone who is trying to deny and/or justify mass incarceration or genocide.

I believe in the power of approximation and dialogue across the entire board, across all races and political spheres. We are all neighbors on this planet and we should respect each other and treat each other as such.

We should also accept that other people might have a different opinion on particular topics. It should not be our business to lecture each other. We should listen to each other more often and reflect.

Having that said, I also may add that we "as a society" should stay vigilant and alert in regards to movements who try repeat some of the funky tricks which were  been played before. There is maniacs out there (and the image above is another proof for it) who either don’t know what they are doing (a.k.a. tool), or those who know full well what they are doing and try to occupy and control the marketplace of power and ideas.


Personally I would advertise for a well-fortified democracy which actually deserves its name by definition. A democracy in which vivid discourses can be held.

We should reach out to the world as we do to our direct neighbours, reaching out in peace. That goes for our local environment and it goes for global politics as well. This would NOT mean that we would not be able to defend ourselves. We have to be able to defend ourselves. On our left side we should have our sword and we should be able to use it. Because maybe some day, and I hope that day would never come, we would need it.

Lots of words. There were people who were able to put it together more nicely. Like Wilhelm Busch for instance.

The Fox and the Hedgehog.
In German it´s well versed abd compact. My attempt on translating it is ruining it totally in regards to its phonetic appearance.

But the message is as this:

Unexpectedly on a hill a fox and hedgehog had an encounter.

"Stop! “yelled the fox, "You villain, don't you know the king's order?

Hasn't peace been proclaimed, and don't you know that everyone sins who still is armed?

In the name of His Majesty - go and surrender your skin!”

The hedgehog said: "Just not so fast! Get your teeth broken first; then we shall speak further.'

And immediately he turns round, closes its dense bundle of spikes and confidently defies the whole world, armed, but a hero of peace.

Ya´ll have a wonderful one.