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Wait a minute, we´ve got something cool here:

Villalba DVD

JMV....yep, I just use some captitals here, because actually everyone knows what´s shakin´when you see these three letters. So, JVM a total icon in aircraft scale modeling has made a new DVD, folks!!!!!
While the last one focused on German WWII aviation, the new DVD is zooming in on US WII aviation. Again the DVD sends you on a trip which wants you to try the things you see right now.

Wait a minute....why not? Just watch it while you´re sittin on your bench! Take a test hulk and try what you just see demonstrated. Thats gonna be fun, I tell ya. Been there done that. Its awesome! But first....well first you need the DVD.

As an exclusive, we have the autographed version for you. ;-) You know Uschi....there is always something cool in it...;-)

Painting and weathering USAF Aircrafts

DVD, 80 minutes. Autographed by JM. Villalba

17,50 €
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If you think you knew it all, here comes fresh stuff for your brainio. Did you ever consider to use a wash based on X-20A and Humbrol? Why does that make sense and how does it look like? Looking for some hints in terms of compressor pressure? Wanna know how to accentuate and highlight details? Wanna pimp your photo etch parts a lil bit? Riveting and scribing hints wanted? Camouflage masking? Mottled camo? Exhaust stains? Pin washes? Rendering chipped paint? Interested?

Right on, thats your best bet right here. 80 minutes of pure inspiration and signed by the master himself, Juan Manuel Villalba.

RLM Painting and weathering Luftwaffe WWII Aircrafts

DVD, 80 minutes. Autographed by JM. Villalba

17,50 €
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  • soon available again / ausverkauft, in produktion

For a preview, follow THIS link to youtube.

The Berlin Wall

What we have here is a spontaneous project that came up in a chat group. Alex F. has been playing with the Berlin Wall since quite a while and so was Marc. As I was watching these guys, I was like "Hey, maybe some more people might like this stuff, lets give it a go." Alex.F spontaneously agreed and there we went.
This is how it goes when things go really fast, using the initial momentum.

As you can see on the label, we have a really cool decal sheet inside. Beside that, we have a bag with sand and one with static grass inside, so you can actually fire it up right after arrival. Please check out how to deal with these materials by visiting the "Old concrete" description here.

There are only 10 units of this kit produced, all of them sporting their serial.

Master design and casting:  Alex Friedrich
Product Management: Alexander Glass

Creative Consultant: Marc Reusser

The Berlin Wall 1/35

Resin Kit including

  • 6 wall segments
  • 2 wall head
  • Special Effect Decals
  • Grafitti Decals
  • Grass
  • Sand


29,90 €
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  • soon available again / ausverkauft, in produktion
Effect decals included in the kit
Effect decals included in the kit
The Berlin Wall alternative Decal Sheet
5,00 €
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