Marco Leibisch´s Horten

Marco Leibisch included a phantastic little detail to his 229. More of his work can be seen on his Facebook Profile.

David Lane´s Alba. "The Red Baron" Jasta 11

It´s kinda tough sometimes to determine as to wheather or not to feature a particular model. There is so much brilliant stuff out there. You guys know who you are. However, David´s Alba is something I just have to highlight because it contains a lot of the key-considerations which were relevant during the designing process of Uschi´s woodgrain decals.


1.) Pre-shading

There is an off-white base coat beneath of the decals. I think it´s pretty much like what can be seen on the tail section. The key-consideration is as this:


When your decals are down:

You can reduce brightness easily, until you land where you wanna be.
On the other hand it is impossible to bright it up, without messing with the contrast of the woodgrain decals. OPSEC wise, I would like to suggest to keep the sequence.

Same goes for the contrast of the woodgrain effect. You sure can reduce a contrast by applying filters of all kinds, but you can not a enhance contrast which hasnt been there in the first place. Hence: We start with high contrast and balance it out later. Let´s have a looksie on some more images.



2.) Balancing step one

A first filter has been applied, barelling down in the form of a Clear Yellow acrylic filter. (TAM X-24 or alike). As you can see, things are now "huggin´each other" and everything is getting into balance.



3.) Balancing step two

Now a second filter comes into play, this time consisting of Clear Yellow and Clear Orange. Keep in mind that you also could work with a thin filter made of Brown oil paint at this point. This would also slightly alter/reduce hue and contrast and even add another texture (caused by the brush strokes) if desired. You can also mix Brown with Ochre for example, so you would not lose too much brighness.




4.) Base leg to final. Clear to land.

And this is what comes out once you have applied all your special effects and what not. Dave pulled a very balanced representation of an Albatros which is absolutely reflecting today´s standards of modeling a subject like this on a competitive level.

David Lane´s work can be found on facebook. Here is a link to his profile. There is more inspiring stuff. Check it out.

We gotta nice lil birdie resting at Miramar

Cute aint it? Max Lacobara lives in Miami/FL and had the kindness to share these pix with us. Its a Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor in the 72nd scale. The name of the kit manufacturer is "Sword". Max did a great job on this little trainer. I have seen the SBS and this model wasn´t a walk on one of Miami´s pretty Beaches, let me tell you that. Lets give him a Like his facebook. Its called Wings of Gold Scale Models. Check it out....:D


James terrific modeler, one great friend.

Today I have the pleasure to present a row of amazing pictures, provided by Jim. Jim has shown his skills with his Natter already, now he comes up with a phantastic Me-163 in the 32nd scale. I didnt manage to present the pictures on the website properly, but today I just cut off the time because it needed to be done. Lads & Gents, there you go. The products in use is "Fine Veneer Plywood" , "Knotless" and "Ronny Bar".

Yun Cheng Chao has set in some pictures showing our Airfield Tarmac "Da Nang Airforce Base" in use.

The new year starts quite well. Uschi was really pleased to see a 48th scale F-16, built by Yun Cheng Chao (Taiwan), sitting on "Da Nang". A perfect example of the wide range of options our products provide. One great model sitting on one great Airfield Tarmac. Thanks to Yun Cheng Chao for the courtesy to use his pictures. Enjoy:

Recently found in the forums...

Guy Goodwin´s comment on his experience with Uschi´s Wood Grain decals:


"The Uschi decals are going to be hard to beat for realism - I'm using 6 different pattern/tone variation sheets and combined with different shades of base coat - it gives a pretty limitless variation in wood effect. In addition to that you could double up a decal and it becomes darker and richer again..."

And here is his achievement. Its wonderful, isnt it? What you are about to see is a mix of "Fine Veneer Plywood" and "Knotless", a Uni-Scale product which shows off on that 32nd scale Albatros:

Nick Schwanck´s approach to bright plywood using WGC-48

Today I have the pleasure to share some really interestig pictures with you. Its´s the first time I see how someone turned the WGC-48 (actually considered for dark wood, to be covered with a oil color glaze) into something that bright natural looking wood. Very well done Nick! Thanks for sharing! Please click to enlarge.

Coming soon in ADH publishing´s "How to build..." series

Mark Chrisholm sends in stunning pictures, showing how he got along with the Graffiti decals. Check it out!

Speechless because they are traceless: Our Garffiti decals found their application in this stunning scene of a "Big Boy standing on the road".

Laurent Tabib working on REDSTAR47 SciFi subject.

The WGSF48-C Fine Veneer Plywood decals enjoy to be sported on a REDSTAR, put in place by Laurent Tabib. Personally I do love to see when some guys push the boundaries. Laurent is surely one of them. He picked the things he like, such as Russian Green, wood and bare metal, and put all this on one and same model. What comes out is a Sopwith Camel. :-))))

No seriously, that is an excellently executed piece of work in the making. We all know it: When the SBS pics looks cool, the final pictures wont be worse. Thanks for sharing the pic, Laurent! Keep pushin´! :-)

Check out Laurent´s BLOG!

wood grain decal Uschi Laurent
Red Star 47 work in progress

Oldie but Goldie

I found a sweet lil Lloyd today, built by Karsten Rummer. He used one of Uschi´s very first decals, the WGF-72. These decals require a thin glaze with oil colors and I think Karsten has nailed it pretty much. Thanks Karsten! Great job!

The WGSF series used on a "Bachem Natter" 1/32

James Hatch is working on a 32nd scale "Bachem Natter" in the moment and he decided to give several wood decals of the Uschi range a shot.

For the interiour he used mainly WGSF48, the fuselage sports the WGSF48-B "Knotless" as well as the WGSF48C "Fine Veneer Plywood".

Its still a work in progress because it will sit on a base, but it does look so stylish already. I couldnt resist to put that phantastic work in a proper frame already. Man, thats finger lick´n good.....

Wood grain decals Uschi Natter
WGSF48 has been used in the pit, WGSF48-B and C on the fuse. Cant wait to see this one finished.

The wooden wonder

I found this wonderful Mosquito on a show report about the 2013 Torrent show in Spain. I dont know who did it, but he did it damn good, didn´t he?

The product used is WGSF-48 "Ronny Bar" edition.

Uschi´s woodgrain decal WGSF-48 Ronny Bar
WGSF-48 wood grain decal in full effect

Marc Humpries´s stunning results using IWD-2

I have just received a very friendly email by Mark Humphries, including the allowance to share his comment and these pictures:
My name is Mark recently I purchased a set of decals , namely the graffiti, hand prints , tags , splatter which I have used on my latest model a rusted VW Beetle. The decals were great with a coat of gloss varnish before putting them down and then treated to some microsol decal softener and coated with matt can hardly notice they are decals. I've attached some pictures to show you ..again a great product.

Sweet, aint it? :-)
Thanks so much, Mark. Glad you dig it! Cheers!

Click to enlarge and see what Mark has achieved with IWD-2

Christian Wild , Germany, "Hijacked" DPC-35 into the world of Phantastic Subjects

Per Olav Lund, Oslo, Norway (UvdR-1)

Per always has been a true source of inspiration to me. His artworks always touch, inspire and motivate me. Even more happy I was as I saw he decided to use UvdR-1 burnishing agent to weather the Friul Tracks for this wonderful piece. Thanks, Per!


Gunnar Bäumer, Germany, (UvdR-1)

Gunnar is very friendly guy and an accomplished scale modeler in one and the same person. When we meet we always have lots of laugh and time elaps too fast. With this Project Gunnar once more showed his amazing skill. I´m very glad to see that Gunnar opted for UvdR-1 to weather the Friul tracks on his Panzer IV.

Özgur Güner, Germany, (UvdR-1)

Vladimir Yashin, CCCP, (WGSF-48)

Steven Milestone Turner, Ottawa, Canada (DPC-35)

Keith Christie, West Sussex, UK (WGSF-48)

On the last evening of 2011 a mail from Keith Christie came in. How will a new year be when the old one leaves like this? You got it! Awesome! :-)


I thought I would send you three more Photo's of the progress I am making with My LVG. I  would not have been able to produce this level of finish without your wood decals and all of your time and help with the project. Thank you.

Wishing you a happy and successful New Year!

Best Regards

Keith Christie


Along with his email, Keith sent awesome pictures and he allowed me to share those over here:

Jim Hatch, Scale Plastic &

Today I received a very nice e-mail from James Hatch, Editor of :


Hi Alex,


Yesterday I finished wood decaling the LVG fuselage, fin and stabiliser inboard areas.


I honestly don’t know what to say, but this decal is amazing and one of the most innovative and well realistic packages I’ve EVER used. The whole LVG fuselage looks like it’s made from veneers, and your instruction on preparing the lower paint job was superb. The decal is nice and thin, and with Mr Mark Setter, you can make is conform to compound curves very well, such as that gunner ‘cupola’ on the LVG. I did it in 4 sections and you can barely tell....


What was the motto of Uschi again? Releasing something that will please and excite customers? Well...again Mission accomplished I would say.

Unknown artist

I just found these pictures of an unknown artist. It seems like an "What if" Project und love the effect. The wood grain, the glaze, the bare metal and the psychedelic camo decals corresponding nicely witch each other. Something like this is actually for what i was looking forward the most: Seeing the product in use like i couldn´t ever have imagined. Awseome! :-)

If you know the artist, please pass the link over to him. I would like to ask him if i´m actually allowed to post these pictures here, mention his name if he want to and offer him something in reward. Enjoy

Rudi Meir, President Kempense Modellbouw Klub, Geel, Belgium

Hi Uschi,
Thanks for that very interesting demo you did last Saturday. I've working with those decals all day long today and they are fantastic.
Got me my drive back to finally finish that sucker after sitting in it's box for over a year. You also got my respect for driving back 650Km on saturdaynight after a long day answering questions from KMK members all day long, not easy. As president I know.:wink: