The FAUN L900 D 567 has been built Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nürnberg AG

With it´s Sd.Ah. 115 Trailer, being able to haul 10 tons of cargo, the rig was mainly used to transport two Panzer I's or II's or other light AFV.

(We also have images (check left navigation) of 115 being towed by FAMO and alike.)


The Leichte Divisionen (Light (Panzer) Divisions) of the German Wehrmacht used this combination of truck and trailer until the Light Divisions are converted in to regular tank divisions. The Fauns and Trailers are moved to the heavy maintenance companies of the tank regiments and used until the end of WW II.


The Sonderanhänger 115 (Sd.Ah. 115) has been built by WUMAG (Waggon und Machinenfabrik Bautzen. We are not sure of other factories of WUMAG were involved as well but we believe so.