Back in the rigging buis. 4 evah!

Rig that thing with a full metal bullit!:-) 45m, (147 Feet)

Rig that thing with a full metal.......

Ok, its not a "full metal" bobbin-bullit  which is about to hit your bench (Bcuz I do care for your safety :-) ) but it does have an impact!
Its so friggn easy to use! Check the vid all the way down.


It comes on one of those bobbins which are used on a sewing machine.

Why that?

Because I want to reduce cost as far as possible in order to be able to come up with the coolest price. Quality+smart+affordable=Uschi. Thats our mission. As usual.

The really big advantage of this material is that it will stretch, not break, if accidental pressure is applied to the rigging on the completed model.

It took me ages to find a reliable source for this product. Lots of samples have arrived, lots of them weren´t really good, lots of them were "nexted." One fine day and with the help of some very friendly people I had the pleasure to find exactly what I was after.


We now have 3 different sizes to choose from, which is:


Standard:  0,03mm

Fine:          0,02mm

Superfine: 0,01mm


  • ->Standard is your trusty friend on your 32nd and 48th scale rigging.
  • ->Fine is considerably thinner and the stuff that fits when it comes to control cables in the 32nd and 48th scale, for instance.
  • ->Superfine is pretty much spider web and will look supercool on your 72nd scale project. Its like on the real thing: actually you wont notice a rigging before you are pretty close to the aircraft.


Conclusively, "translated" in practical application, a chart could look like that:

Feel free to compare that price-performance ratio to similar products you know of. Is that consistent at the end?

Very good.


I may recommend to consider using a Silver Gel Ink Pen and paint some of the rigging with this pen. It dries very slow, so you have plenty of time to spread the silver the way you want and/or remove any excess: Full control.

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Uschi High Stretch Rigging Thread

Application in ship modeling

Ouh, and who said that´s an exclusive aircraft product? Below you see a testbed of a 350th scale Tamiya Bismarck.

I tried to cope one of the more difficult tasks while riggin´a ship: The tie down ropes.  Doin´ tie downs with stretched sprue is fiddly as hell and I remember that I avoided rigging effects like that on projects I did in the past, such as a 350th scale "HMS Hood" for instance. There alway has been collateral damage, destrying what I just had done. Its the heat which is so hard to control while putting tension on stretched sprue.
It gets even more difficult when you have two of those tie downs, pulling down the same rope. Plus they should look pretty much the same, having the same sag on port and starboard. The tie downs on this pictures took about 30mins, using a mix of all riggings we have. A drop of CA worked as a joint.
I feel well prepared for my "IJN Akitsushima" seaplane tender now, waiting in my stash.
Uschi rigging takelage ship model
Uschi rigging takelage ship model
Uschi rigging takelage ship model
Uschi rigging takelage ship model

Here comes a vid, showing the Standard Type in action. Enjoy! :-)