First of all, lets tune in: :-)

Woodgrain decal Uschi van der Rosten

Six days on the road and wanna make it home tonight? This one here can help you to get there, by providing support on tricky paint jobs. Whether its a limo or a full grown rig, this one here will get your dashboard done like you never saw it before. 6 different type of wood grain, all of them of the burl/birdseye kind. Three come dark, three come bright.


As for the application I would recommend the following:

-Apply the decal first, then mask off gauges and paint it silver.

Of course you can do it the other way around as well, but thats

a bit more time consuming since you´ll have to punch a lot of holes

in that decal.


-If you mask off the gauges, please be very, very careful while removing the masks. Please apply the decals on a flat/semi flat basecoat color. Use a setter solution. Enhance the setter with carpenter white glue as can be seen on the following picture:

-After decal application, please do massively seal the decal with gloss clear. This will also help stabilizing the decal and reduce the risk of an unintended lift off.


For general advice how to deal with these transparent effect decals, please check out the following manual which has been made for aircraft decals. The rules of application are the same. Feel free to right-click and download the file.