The BLITZ-Roller

1.) Purpose

Application of paint and/or comparable media (such as putty or texturing paste) using a paint roller.


1.1.) Applicable Media

- Oil paint

- Enamel paint

- Putty

- Texture media (anti-slip by AMMO)

- Water effect liquids


1.2.) Primary Effects

- Distorted paint applied with a roller (camouflage, certain paint schemes)
- Even coats of texture media (anti-slip, paint)

1.3.) Secondary Effects

- underlaying irregular coat of paint for weathering effects

- underlaying irregular coat of paint for subtle 3D effects

2.) Scope of delivery

2.1) 10x rolls of solvent resistant foam
2.2) 1x handle

2.3) 1x magnetic tube (preventing the roll from sliding off the handle during use)

2.4) 1x cleaning sieve

2.5) 1x AMMO Anti-slip paste FINE AMIG2034


3.) Features

- solvent resitant foam rolls

- tweakable by cutting irregular patterns into the foam rolls

- tweakable by reducing the length the foam rolls

- magnetic foam roll holder preventing the roll from sliding off the holder

The magnetic feature to hold the roll in place
The magnetic feature to hold the roll in place

4.) Examples of application

The pictures above only show a narrow part of the spectrum of possible applications.

I also would like to recommend the DRYBRUSH PAINTS by AMMO. Being based on acrylics, these also work just beautifully with our rollers in regards to 2D and 3D effects.
Cast Iron effects is also something that comes to my mind. That would be achieved by working with primer.

Primer is also what has been used on the pictures below:

Here comes another huge benefit of the the product. In case your wife is yelling at you because you purchased the product, just use the blue buds and there is "peace in the valley" instantly. Benefit from the magnetic properties of the roll holder to remove the buds conviniently.
Trust me. It works wonders....

This product has been developed in co-operation with our friends from MODELBOUWENZO in the Netherlands. Check out their shop. Very friendly people!