Photo Etched Products

Well, you know we have the scenic display products, right? All them aprons and tarmacs...yeah, that stuff. I´m sure you are with me by saying that these really deliver very nicely and can be used straight out of the box.
Nevertheless there aint no limits in texturing these further by separating the slabs from each other, adding some grass or sand and make them just a lil bit more vivid. Some of the artworks we have, include some drainage trench grills and tread plate man holes. I found it to be a good idea to release some PE that fits these products really nice, so here we go:

Drainage trench photo etch
Picture deriving from the product development process. The scenic display is "March ARB" which one of my personal favoured. Maybe one should use the asphalt/concrete edge for the trench, but as said, it just a pic we used for checks.


The photo etched elements have kind of a "margin" around it, allowing enough supporting surface on a spacer which needs to be used in order to form an actual trench. So what you do is:

  • cut out the entire scenic display and select the area you´d like to use
  • arrange all slabs on your dio base for a layout-plan
  • Use a large plastic- or cardboard sheet (spacer sheet) and apply the tarmac textures as can be seen on the image above.
  • attach the textures on their spacers to the Dio base.
  • Paint all trenches Black or dark on their inner sides.
  • Place the grill on top of it but dont glue it yet because:
  • How about some grass growing through the grill?
The product is available in the for of a set as well as in single units.
The product is available in the for of a set as well as in single units.
Collector Bassin Dimensions
Collector Bassin Dimensions
Single Grill Dimensions
Single Grill Dimensions