WGF-72 The solution for a rather decent wood grain

You know what a 6 feet-model is? Ouh boy, no...its not a model 6 feet tall!

A typical 6 feet-model is where things went better and better the closer you come. Catch the attention of the audience from a distance with a nice glaze-made wood and a pleasing presentation. Once they come closer they will discover more and more detail and will definitely stick to the wood grain.

You know what they ´ll do next?

They will just ask you how you have achieved that! :-)

Enjoy yourself with inspiring conversations on model shows!

Or do you....uhm....wanna try your luck on the competition table?



This product is a true all-rounder. Especially designed for 72nd scale wooden aircraft fuselages, it does a great job in the interiour of a 48th or 32nd scale model as well.

If course you can use it for bigger scale as well, just ceck your reference for a good match.

Imagine the diversity of possible applications! How will your ammo crates on the cargo bay of your "Red Ball Express"-Truck look like? You ´re looking for something cool for your Cargo bay on a  "Opel Blitz"?

You find it appealing to have a few planks unpainted? Replaced because of damage? Well, here you go....