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On the pictures above we see the motifs we need for the job. The cutting is nice and clean, no "overshooting" or similar. Thats the quality check number one. The next check goes a bit deeper. We will now find out if pieces of the motif are still connected together. To examine this we have a look on the most complicated section of the entire set: The diamonds....

The step that just has been completed on the picture, the so-called "weeding" (separating excess from the parts required) tells a lot about the product quality. The excess diamonds went out like a charme. The tiny bits of the other diamonds just stood in place and are now ready to be picked up by the transport mask. Thats how we get this fragile formation of masking peices onto the model in one piece. Easy and safely.

Lets have a closer look on this part of the process:

Now we carefully remove the transport mask, making sure we do not unintentionally lift off parts of the motif as well.

We´re ready to apply the blue color. I aimed for a bit of variation and decided to render the lower area of the fin a touch darker than the upper part. Stuff like this is only possible using a mask. Some of you might consider involving haispray or chipping fluids for some "battle worn" results. All right. Here we go: