Mosquito References

Tamiya Mosquito 1/48 plywood

The picture you see above was forwarded to me by a hobby friend. It has been taken on a model show in Spain. The decals you see are Uschi´s "Ronny Bar Edition". We have quite some contrast between the bright and the dark panels and it does look very pleasing indeed. Maybe one could discuss the intensity of the contrast a lil bit, but thats a matter of taste.


The plane is sitting on a picture frame as a base. Two photos can be seen there. These two, plus one more you find below.

The following three pictures are very brightening when it comes to the course of planks and plywood panels on the fuselage.

In the following I may share some pictures of restoration aircraft with you which I consider being quite inspiring. Click to enlarge and then right click and "save image".

Well, thats exactly where Uschi´s Fine Veneer Plywood gonna take you, which is part of the Mosquito bundle. If you also fancy that lil yellowish touch, Tamiya´s "Clear Yellow" is your best buddy. A few burts and you are there. Please try that before you work on your model.

External Ressources

Here is a link with quite some funky pictures for the detail lover. I wonder why its always New Zealanders who´re doin that cool stuff. Click me. 


Youtube Doku about Mossie´s History. Click me.