Brrr....dayum.... That runny nose gonna kill me this time. Looks like the winter has finally arrived, right? :-) Just kiddin´. :-) Everyone is fine here in the Uschi HQ and the iron stove is doin´ a great job. We have plenty of fuel because we are prepared.


I used parts of the summer time for checkin´ around for some cool snow. I came across Krycell by Precision Ice and Snow from the UK. I like the variety of possible results to be achieved using this set. Its a well thought out product which includes plenty of material as well as a tool for application which is a sieve in this case.


Krycell has a unique micro refractive and reflective property which mimics the behavior of  ice crystals and snowflakes exactly in scale and behavior. It can be applied at one particle  thickness to represent light frost and then reapplied to thicker amounts to drifting snow. Check out his video and see how easy it is:

Blizzard Snow

Wet Snow

Precision Ice and Snow Set

Set contains

  • Two bottles of Ice and Snow medium
  • One precision 700 micron stainless stell sieve
  • Full instructions
  • Healt and safety advice
27,90 €
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  • soon available again / ausverkauft, in produktion

Personally and being an aircraft guy, I like the concept of being able to render drifting snow and/or wet snow on a wide airfield for example.

We offer Russian Airfields in our portfolio so of course it makes sense to consider involving snow. I think we have a very convincing product right here, making the representation of various types of snow very easy. The addition of a sieve to a sufficient amount of material makes this set a great offer for a fair price.