Aircraft Interiour Color Set 3x 10ml (25,00€/100ml)

This set contains the following Federal Standard Colors for US WWII Aircraft (FS)


  • FS34151 Zink Chromate Type 1
  • FS33481 Chromate Yellow Primer
  • BS283    Aircraft Grey Green
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Aluminized Oldtimer Colors 3x 10ml (25,00€/100ml)

Scope of delivery:

  • FS17178 C377  Aluminized Silver
  • C378 Landing Gear White
  • C379 Cockpit Dark Gull-Grey

coming in 3x10ml jars.

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Sometimes it looks like an NMF, but it aint. If thats the case we most likely stand in front of an aircraft wich has been painted in silver, rather than being polished down to the metal.The F-86 Sabre and F-104 Starfighter, the USN Grumman F3F, Yellow Wing Wildcats and many others are typical examples and so are the Japanese "Cold Warriors", for wich these colors are actually designed for.


The C377 Aluminized Silver contained in this set is an absolutely unique silver color which is glossy and flat at the same time. I cant explain this to you unless I take some shots rather soon but what I can say now is that you do not have any other color like that at the time because it si so unique.


C378 Landing Gear White is a tiny bit on the off white/creamy side and perfect for USN landing gears of many decades. It also fits the JASDF standards which are based on the USN procedures as far as I know.


C379 Cockpit Dark Gull-Grey is a pretty bright grey which can be used on many occasions as well as on the JASDF cockpit interiours.