Blitz Rounds are sets of metal paste in various colors, which can be polsihed and/or shot through an airbrush apparatus after being thinned with lacquer thinner. Click on the banner to learn more.

Mr.Paint Acrylics

In this category we have collected some of the most simple to use and most effective metallizers Uschi is aware of. You know, some metal jobs really look difficult and laborious but often it actually is a fast and easy thing to do. On many challenges, the only thing that you gotta have handy is the right product for the right job. Click here to check out if we have something for you to make appearantly difficult paint jobs really easy.

Here we have the colors it takes to create the basecoats for UschiĀ“s decals. With the colors collected here, you will be able to render the thousands of shades and tones for an interesting base coat prior woodgrain decal application. See, the only thing that you gotta have handy is the right basic line up of colors and some of the "toning colors". We got that sorted for you here, pre-selected, tested and ready to be picked up. Click here.

Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 black grey

Here we have some of the finishing products, thinners and primers I use on a regular base. Especially the new colored and superfine Primers are something that really has convinced my since the first day of use. Mr. Finshing Surfacer Black for example really has become my new BBB (Best Bench Buddy) :-). Mr. Oxide Red Surfacer is also one of my Favs in that category. We also have some cool interior color sets for the aircraft modeler. Properties and Descriptions including the opportunity for a purchase: Here.