Update Feb 02nd 2014

This product has been invented by Uschi van der Rosten in May 20th 2013. We can prove that, of course. Everything else you see which is directly comparable with this one here and sports features such as fitting a hobby knife handle in combination with capillary effect is most likely "strongly inspired" by our product, lets call it like that. :-)

This product has been anounced on facebook at 12th of July 2013 which can be checked here.

The CAndle superlue applicator
The CAndle superlue applicator

You know toothpicks, right? And all those needles and cut-off sewing needles and...all that stuff. Its all...kinda ok for CA application, but hard to control. Most of the time you only have one size and no influence on the amount of glue. Cleaning work required: SUX!


Get rid of this, man. This thingy here helps you further and it works.

I´m not saying that you aint gotta clean your joints anymore but the amount of reworking and cleaning is now reduced remarkably.

You can draw thin glue lines now. Useless to explain that further since the advantage is obvious.


We have a capillary action CA glue applicator, designed to fit Exacto and Pro-Edge sized blade handles. One fret comes with 4 slot sizes, each one twice. Easy cleaning with Acetone or an open Flame, like a candle for instance.:-) Please dont do this at the same time, ok? Thank you. :-)


Slot sizes: 0,1mm; 0,2mm; 0,3mm; 0,4mm


Ergonomic design, slightly angled. Provides all the comfort needed for fatigue-free operation, even during long work shifts.


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