General reference

In the following I may share some pictures with you, focusing on some detail like landing gear and all that stuff.

One cannot simply download the pictures in high resolution. Thats not because I wanna bug you, its just the way this website is. Its flash-based when you enlarge the pictures. This way they load faster. The fastest way to get details on your HDD is as follows:


  • Enlarge your web browser to screen fit
  • Klick on the picture
  • Again click on the picture to zoom in
  • Take a screenshot
  • Open the screenshot in your favoured graphic software and save the image in a format you like

Sorry for causing troubles bit thats the way it is and it still faster than having to dig all that outta the internet. I hope you find it useful. Cheers everyone!

X-47B Freedom Model Kits
X-47B Landing Gear

This one here is a quite cool shot. It gives you at least a lil bit of an insight on the gear wells.

X-47B on take off
X-47B on take off
X-47B Freedom Model Kits
X-47B On Go Around
X-47B Freedom Model Kits
X-47B On Final, arrestor hook extended